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Programme 2019

I am very pleased to announce that

the new programme 2019 will be hosted and run

in partnership with Exeter College!

The change is due to the unavailability of Steiner Academy Exeter to AEL. Many thanks and good wishes to SAE for having hosted the AEL programmes in the past three years!

Our Students will enjoy our educational-language programmes 2019

for Young People and Teenagers !

We provide activity-based summer courses,

that combine academic English and creative activities,

to enhance the Students’ English and Communication Skills,

to nourish their self-confidence and

to raise their social awareness and personal responsibility.

In the Summer

Short Stay Courses

NEW! Four weeks in term-time!

Studying at Exeter College

Enjoy four weeks in English classes!

A unique new opportunity to experience studying English and more at Exeter College:

students age 16 to 19 can now attend English classes for a minimum of 4 weeks

during the academic year between September and Easter.

Learn more about studying at Exeter College

Active English Learning, a human-centred project

Active English Learning is an educational-language project that provides an intense language experience enhanced by the care of three essential elements: creative thinking, joy of learning, self confidence. We aim to do this by offering a balanced programme that combines academic English and creative activities to improve language skills and nourish personal development.



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Leaving Steiner Academy

It has been a great experience to work at Steiner Academy Exeter in the past three years with the intention of building a permanent summer school that was believed to be beneficial for both, the school community and AEL. This opportunity has suddenly come to an end as SAE has to focus on internal issues. Although it is sad to leave such a vibrant environment, may I thank SAE for hosting AEL and wish them all the best for their future development (vr)


AEL At Exeter College

The AEL summer language programme 2019 will be designed and managed in partnership with Exeter College. We offer activity-based courses for Young People (16+) and Teenagers (13-15). All programmes aim to improve Language and Communication skills whilst nourishing self-confidence, creativity, social awareness and personal responsibility.


Studying at Exeter College

Students age 16 - 19 are offered a great opportunity to improve their English skills while attending an English class on three chosen subjects. Visiting students can experience the welcoming, dynamic, safe environment of the college and of the delightful city of Exeter!
We also provide assistance and advice for course managed by accredited language schools.


Why Choose AEL School


Active” is to highlight that learners are not only receiving knowledge from the teachers but are encouraged to learn by “doing” things and to think about them.

Teachers provide guidance introducing the course topics, giving language exercises, introducing the students to the appropriate sources of information.

Students -according to their age and level of English- are encouraged to be engaged in researching, discussing and solving problems they may meet while learning. They are also stimulated to work in teams and share the results of their work so that they can take more responsibility and develop effective cooperative learning.

Conversations, role-playing, artistic activities, case-study and other teaching strategies may be offered to empower understanding of the learners.



English is today the most spoken second language worldwide.

English speakers are able to communicate, understand and interact with confidence with people from other countries in every kind of professional, social and cultural connection.

For the new generations it is not sufficient to learn some English, but they need to acquire English with the same fluency and correctness as their native language, eventually as their “second mother tongue”.

The acquisition of English -as well as other languages- provides a fundamental means not only toward more professional opportunities, but also reciprocal knowledge, breaking down barriers and prejudices, and leading potentially to tolerance and peace.



Learning a language is a complex process that goes through various stages and levels and needs time and consistency.

The time needed in each stage may vary in each individual and each learner should be allowed to proceed on his or her own pace.

Consistency is requirement for everyone. A teacher said once to the students: “miracles come from the Hoy Spirit; learning a language comes from your consistency, determination and passion”.

Joy and engagement are fundamental factors of learning, especially language learning as a language can’t be acquired nor learnt properly unless the learner engages him or herself in deep interest, bright enthusiasm, strong determination.


Studying at AEL Project

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