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Creativity and Language Learning

"Creativity is not a capacity of special people but a special capacity of all people. It shows speakers as language makers and not simply as language users"! I find this conclusion absolutely fantastic! It comes at the end of the book titled: "Language and Creativity: the Art of Common Talk" written by Ron Carter -professor at Nottingham University- and published by Routeledge (second edition, 2016). Two fundamental points of this statement deserve to be highlighted: 1) "Creativity is a special capacity of all people" and 2) "Creativity shows speakers as language makers not simply language users"...

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Open doors!

Living Christmas, inspiring thoughts from M.K.Gandhi. In these days we often say or write on a card: "Merry Christmas" or "have a peaceful Christmas". We certainly do with a genuine good heart and good will, we say and write those words like a blessing for our Neighbours. Nevertheless, if we compare the good feelings that those kind expressions are to deliver and the hectic rhythms we are living in this time of the year, we can't avoid the experience of an uncomfortable contradiction....

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Programme 2017: now open!

I am very pleased to share now with all of you the programme 2017 that contains two great changes: the new Language School in Exeter that will develop in partnership with the Steiner Academy Exeter and the "Art & Language" programme for young people that will grow with the support of Plymouth College of Art. The table below is to visualise the summer schedule:...

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