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Do manual actions have an effect on thinking? on decision making? on problem solving? According to the findings of a recent research the answer is positive: our hands are somehow "good thinkers". The research was carried out at Kingston University London by a team led by Frederik and Gaëlle Vallée-Tourangeau about the interactions between the problem solving agent and his or her environment. Applying a qualitative method, the Authors asked one group of participants to use a tablet and a stylus to work out any solution of a hard problem while they set a second group in a "building condition" providing some physical material to manipulate....

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Creativity and Language Learning

"Creativity is not a capacity of special people but a special capacity of all people. It shows speakers as language makers and not simply as language users"! I find this conclusion absolutely fantastic! It comes at the end of the book titled: "Language and Creativity: the Art of Common Talk" written by Ron Carter -professor at Nottingham University- and published by Routeledge (second edition, 2016). Two fundamental points of this statement deserve to be highlighted: 1) "Creativity is a special capacity of all people" and 2) "Creativity shows speakers as language makers not simply language users"...

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