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Do I need creativity to learn English?

Do I need creativity to learn English? Good question, easy answer: no, you don’t need to be creative to learn English. You need creativity for your life. It is believed that creativity belongs to artists, poets, musicians. And ladies! The colours on the palette before the painter, the naked stone before the sculptor, the musical notes in the ear of a composer could...

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Programme 2016: preview

“Dad, it seems that the past Christmas has just happened last week and it is here again, one year later!”. Yes, Christmas is here again and -before wishing you a good festivity time- I would like to inform my Readers about the programme 2016, which has been delivered just on time as a very welcomed Christmas present. The programme will bring changes to AEL as you can read in this preview!...

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"Everyone is needed, no one is necessary": is it?

How many times did we hear the expression: “Everyone is needed, no one is necessary”. And sometimes perhaps we have said it. In every teamwork there is the awareness that “everyone is needed, no one is necessary”. It applies to a team of doctors in a hospital, to football players on the pitch, to scientists in a laboratory, to managers in a company......

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