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Passion for music! Welcome back, Lucie!

Lucie is coming back to Devon this summer to lead choir in our teenager course in June (T1) in Dartington! First a huge thank you, Lucie, as it is a real joy to work with you! Lucie is a naturally talented teacher not to say a fantastic composer, singer and musician! but also -with her availability- she is going to save the life and ears of the students in Dartington: in fact they didn't know but they ...

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The Game! the 'just being glad' game...

I didn’t read “Pollyanna” when I was child for the suggested titles for boys at that time were “The book of the jungle”, “The treasure island”, “20,000 leagues under the sea”, “Sir Lancelot” and so on. “Pollyanna” was labelled as a book for girls… During the last few years, when in Winter the weather turns grey, when it is good to be indoors and turn inwards the direction of our energy...

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Dartington Morris Men are here!

Thank you Roy! Roy has just confirmed that the Dartington Morris Men will give a workshop to the AEL students in August! "Morris Dance has been part of English life for at least six hundred years and may be much older..." (from the Morris Ring website, read more) The Morris dance is a traditional English form of folkdancing, performed by groups of men or women. A very special time for Morris dance is the month of May: on the 1st of May at dawn the Morris Sides perform their dances at dawn. Last year the Dartington Morris Men celebrate the dawn on May 1st with a dance in Totnes Castle supported by a very brave audience ready to go out before 5:30am!...

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