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When Adrian comes to the "Creative Music" workshops, he only knows what is in his bags... nothing about the students! Some of them might have some confidence with music, many have none. What I know before the workshop starts, is that the result will be great! and last summer has not been any exception....

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What is your language?

There are different types and ways of communicating or using languages. Body language: such as gestures, making facial expressions or moving eye brows and communicating your thought or message without even saying anything. Or sometimes eye glance or even silence are enough to pass or receive the message on an energetic level or read the message in the eyes of the other person. It does not happen all the time but if you know the person well enough it is possible. There are also languages of symbols, signs, metaphors and...

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Kagemusha Taiko with Jonathan Kirby for the AEL students in Dartington

It has been a fantastic evening! Jonathan led us first on top of the hill above the Taiko Centre, located in the beautiful site of Seale-Hayne in Newton Abbot. On the West we could see Haytor over the Moors and on the East side there was a splendid view of the Channel at Teignmouth where river Teign joins the sea....

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