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Welcome to






a human-centred project

AEL is an activity-based, educational-language project

to improve English & Communication skills with joy and confidence.

We offer our students a safe environment

where they feel at home,

included in a community of learners

based on friendship, respect and mutual support !

Due to the pandemic, we currently have no programmes running and will resume our activity as soon as it will be safe to do so in accordance with the government regulations and guidelines. However, we are always open for queries or pre-booking: if you wish to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact me.

See our ways ofLearning

Learning by doing

In AEL you will improve your English and Communication skills in language lessons and also through drama, arts, crafts and outdoor activities in various contexts.

Learning with joy

Our programmes are designed to let you enjoy learning and socialising thanks to a wide range of activities and our friendly approach that encourages team building

Learning from real life

We involve artists and professionals to lead our active creative workshops and include social and cultural events, excursions to special sites in all our programmes

Why choose AEL ?

We propose a holistic, hands-on approach featuring

  • learning through creative and outdoor activities,
  • active English lessons encouraging team work and cooperative learning
  • social inclusion at school and within the host-family,
  • participation to inspiring social and cultural events.

All our programmes consider the peculiarity of each age-group and take into account the individual needs, expectations and learning strategies.


Upcoming events


Summer School

for young people and teenagers


Family Summer Camp

comprising “Learn&Play”

for children age 7 to 12

Exeter College & more

Studying in the UK

full time courses (1 or 2 years)

for students age 16 to 19

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All the event listed are awaiting confirmation, but you can pre-book at no cost until confirmed.


Family Summer Camp


Learn&Play” for children (7 to 12)

“Teenager” programme (13 to 17)

various options for parents and friends (18+)

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AEL, a human-centred project

 Our Ethos

We want to contribute to the personal development of our students by helping them improve their English while empowering self-confidence and social awareness.

 Open mind

We welcome every students committed to the learning process regardless their religious belief, political party, gender, nationality, race and cultural background.

 Safe environment

A safe, friendly environment is essential to get the best of studying abroad as it helps the students enjoy their stay and achieve better learning outcomes.

Studying at the AEL project

Here are some features of what you may expect when you study with us


Students are offered multiple opportunities to learn and improve their language abilities according to individual aptitudes and pace of learning. A good academic development provides the knowledge that can also support self-confidence and self-esteem.


Our programmes appeal mind, soul and body by offering art, craft and outdoor activities to nourish the natural creativity of every student that contributes to the ability of problem solving as well as it enhances active participation and joy of learning


We take extreme care for the social inclusion of our students into their host-family, school and local community, so that they can breathe in the life-style, ethos and language of the community they live in. Social inclusion affects the personal development too.

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