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AEL History

In summer 1998 I came to England with a group of my pupils to give them the opportunity to become more confident in understanding and speaking English. I was class teacher in a Steiner school in Milan at that time and fully convinced of the relevance of learning other languages for the child development as well advised by Rudolf Steiner since he founded the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart in 1919. (…)

In summer 2000 with the enthusiastic support and fantastic role played by Louise McIlwaine -my second wife and cofounder of Active English Learning– we shaped the “Learn&Play” course for children and with it a “Family Camp” which offered the adults the possibility of attending English lessons, activities and events all together, as “community of learners”. (…)

Valerio Romoli


AEL Facts& Figures


In 1998 by Valerio Romoli.


In 2006 by Valerio Romoli and Louise Mcllwalne.


Over one thousand students since the beginning, almost age 13 to 19


Host Families selected from the school community hosting the AEL programme




We also cooperate with accredited language schools to suit at best individual requirements.

Studying at the AEL Project?

Our Ethos

We want to offer an educational, creative language project to help students improve their English skills with joy while empowering self-confidence, awaking social awareness, strengthening personal responsibility.

Open Mind

We welcome every students who is willing to engage himself or herself to take the best of the proposed activities and lessons regardless their religious belief, political party, gender, nationality, race and cultural background.

The Enviroment

We are committed to provide excellent activity-based programmes led by experienced, highly skilled teachers and tutors in a safe, friendly environment, delivering a harmonious balance between academic, creative and active elements.

Our Vision


Academic, because academic skills are thoroughly considered in all our courses, even though Students are offered not only an intellectual way of learning but multiple opportunities to improve their lan-guage abilities, respecting individual aptitudes and pace of learning.


Creative, because it appeals mind, soul and body, nourishing the natural creativity of every human being with art, craft and outdoor activities and also delivering interactive English lessons that enhance interest, participation, cooperation and joy of learning


Inclusive, because we care for the social inclusion of students into their host-family, school, local community. They are really welcome to integrate with the native speakers, so that they can breathe and absorb the culture, the ethos and the language of the community they live in.

CEO, Project Manager


I have been a class teacher for 19 years at Rudolf Steiner Schools in Milan. The first impulse for an “active English learning” project was inspired by my first class of pupils, developed with the second and third class and became the “Active English Learning” in 2007, about 14 years later.

Now, after summer 2018 while AEL turns 21, I’m glad to see that the work done has been good, and I’m confident that AEL may continue to grow as “human-centred project” and to contribute -even in its small dimension- to the good development of its pupils.

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