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Beethoven by Bike

Beethoven by Bike


When Jenny called me a few weeks ago to tell me that she would have been happy to play for our students, I had to pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming! And actually it was a real phone call on a real cable from the real Jenny…   “Beethoven by Bike” is a fascinating adventure that took Jenny across seven countries between May 2011 and June 2012, cycling for 3,500 miles across Europe from Denmark to Greece, only equipped with her love for music, her inspiration, high professional skills and a strong determination to get it done… and her bike, of course.

She gave over forty concerts during her trip to fundraise for her journey on the run !  It is now a pleasure to present here an extract from Jenny’s forthcoming book “Beethoven by Bike” which focuses on the special source of inspiration for her special journey.

(Extract from Jenny’s forthcoming book “Beethoven by Bike” – Drawings by Jenny Quick)

Every summer I seek availability of local artists and people who can deliver their passions and talents to our students: it is not just to learn English but to nurture the needs of young souls with significant contents from other human beings. This summer has been very intense in this respect as Adrian, Sue and Jenny in Devon, John in Holywood came to meet and work with our teenagers and youngsters with all their warmth and enthusiasm.   Now we are very close to turn another dream into reality and to see Jenny performing her piano recital “Beethoven by Bike” for AEL students in the great hall at South Devon Steiner School!

On Thursday 15th August Jenny will play for us music by Brahmas, Greig, Pachulski, Janacek, Bartok and Beethoven recounting her journey with anecdotes and memories. Everyone is welcome!  If you are not in Devon this Thursday but want to hear more about AEL events, stay tunes on this blog: there is more to come!


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