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It is a natural aptitude of children to learn while playing. And to learn by imitation. These are two powerful learning strategies children can rely on first when they acquire their native language, later when they learn English.
They can thoroughly repeat the correct pronunciation of an adult talking with them and have the ability to work out meanings and rules by themselves. Their senses are open doors to grasp quickly sounds, meanings and language structures without a conscious learning unlike adults and teenagers. The Learn&Play course is based on these natural aptitudes of children, creating an organic environment for their joyful language experience in England. The English lessons and activities stimulate their participation by using visual, sensorial and imaginative techniques such as role-plays, story-telling, games, poems, tongue-twisters, songs and nursery rhymes, drawings, handworks. Children will learn vocabulary and basic function routines. Grammar topics, writing and reading will be given according to their age and level. Please note that children in this course must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

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