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Welcome toActive English Learning

We provide language programmes in a safe, friendly environment

where our students feel at home 

and included in a  community of learners 

based on friendship, respect and mutual support.

Come along and enjoy learning with us!


Due to the current pandemic, our programmes will resume in 2021.

If you want to plan in advance your participation or for any query please do not hesitate to contact me

Summer School


 age 16 – 19

The programme for Young People is focused on English for communications. Grammar and language structures are also deepened according to the needs of a class. We encourage students to work in teams and cooperate to carry out their chosen theme.

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age 13 – 15

The teenager programme is packed with creative and outdoor activities that offer the opportunity to improve the understanding of the spoken language in various contexts. All basic language skills (listening, understanding, reading, writing) and grammar will be also develop.

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age 7 – 12

“Learn&Play” is an activity-based programme for children age 7 to 12 accompanied by parents. It is part of the “Family Summer Camp” where parents can attend lessons and workshops with their child, have their own lessons or enjoy their holiday in wonderful Devon.

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Programmes in term-time

in partnership with


 age 16 – 19

The 4-week programme is a special opportunity to attend English classes at Exeter College and improve English skills while learning about three selected subjects. The programme runs from September to Easter of each academic year and requires an intermediate level of English (B1-B2 or higher).

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age 16 – 19

Studying in Exeter College is a great opportunity to improve understanding and fluency of English at advanced level, especially for students who are planning to continue in an English-speaking University. The Exeter College provides three main types of full time courses with a large range of subjects.

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age 16+

If you are interested to study in the UK after the age of 16 and want to find out a personalised solution, please do not hesitate to contact me and I can advise you on courses that match at best your needs and expectations. Please note that we can’t assist to seek any (paid or unpaid) work placement.

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Learning by doing!

A human-centred project


Active English Learning is an educational-language project that offer an intense language experience enhanced by the care of educational elements: creative thinking, joy of learning, self confidence, social awareness.

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Wall painting

Learning with joy!

Location & Contact Details


Location: Exeter College, others

Tel: +44 (0)7595 450213 (WhatsApp)

Email: admin@aelproject.com

Website: aelproject.com

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AEL students at Exeter College

Learning from real life!

Studying at the AEL Project

Our Ethos

We want to offer an educational, creative language project to help students improve their English skills with joy while empowering self-confidence, awaking social awareness, strengthening personal responsibility.

Open Mind

We welcome every students who is willing to engage himself or herself to take the best of the proposed activities and lessons regardless their religious belief, political party, gender, nationality, race and cultural background.

The Enviroment

We are committed to provide excellent activity-based programmes that combine academic, creative and active elements and are led by experienced teachers in a safe, friendly environment.

Our Vision


Academic, because improving knowledge and academic skills feeds self-confidence: students are offered multiple opportunities to learn and improve their language abilities according to individual aptitudes and pace of learning.


Creative, because our programmes are designed to appeal mind, soul and body by offering art, craft and outdoor activities that nourish the natural creativity of every student and enhance their participation and joy of learning


Inclusive, because we care for the social inclusion of our students into their host-family, school and local community, so that they can breathe and absorb the culture, the ethos and the language of the community they live in.

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