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Programme 2017: now open!

Programme 2017: now open!

I am very pleased to share now with all of you the programme 2017 that contains two great changes: the new Language School in Exeter that will develop in partnership with the Steiner Academy Exeter and the “Art & Language” programme for young people that will grow with the support of Plymouth College of Art.

The table below is to visualise the summer schedule:

From To Category Age Range Location Bookings
1/7 22/7 Young people 16 – 22/23 Plymouth
8/7 22/7 Teenagers 13 – 16/17 Exeter
23/7 13/8 Young People 16 – 22/23 Plymouth
23/7 13/8 Teenagers 13 – 16/17 Exeter


Please click here to see the complete outline of the programme 2017.

As you notice, there are two main categories in the plan 2017: Teenagers and Young People.

The Teenager span stretches from 13 to 16-17 years old.

Young people includes all students over 16: in theory there is no upper limite to this category but I would say that it is appropriate to indicate the upper limit at the age of 19.

I have prepared two photo-books to promote the new courses and you are welcome to flip through both books (please click on each photo below):

For any further details you can always contact me via email, on Skype or on the phone (see Contact page).

A new wave has started, let’s go with the wave! There is a time to look backwards and a time to build up the future. The current struggles in the world are an echo of past eras. We need to give the chance to the next generation to take off freely without the heavy shadows of the past, ancient times. Let’s look ahead, sleeves up, smile and let’s try to bring to life new initiatives with the same enthusiasm and determination that was alive at the foundation of Active English Learning and is still active and ready to create new doors for the future.
I hope to have your support now more than ever and -perhaps- to welcome many of you this summer in the UK!






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